BC Tel- Plant- Terrace- Mechanics

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Over the years only a few mechanics, have worked in the Terrace District,
All have been involved in the maintenance of:

  • Microwave site Diesel Motors,
  • Snow-Cats,
  • John Deere Bulldozer,
  • Construction Man Lifts,
  • Vans,
  • Pickups
  • etc.
  • all Company owned equipment in those days, now all leased.
  • Fred Nicholson (first mechanic in the area)
  • Art Kerr
  • Ron Levesque (deceased)
  • Steve Mitzimberg (hired in 1981)
  • Kevin Maki (Kevin and Darcy operate their own garage in Thornhill)
  • Darcey Allison (also played for the Terrace River Kings)

The Mechanical Shop operated in Terrace until early 2006.
They originally operated out of the old World War II drill hall up on the Birch Ave Bench, 4400 birch Ave., until it burnt down, May 8, 1975.

When the steel Butler building was built at 5215 Keith Ave. It was equipped with 2 bays which were entered from inside the building, via huge canvas “doors”.
In the early 90's the shop was expanded to where the Construction Crew parked the large trucks, and outside entrance doors were added at that time

Only mechanic clerk I can remember was Marie Poelstra


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