BC Tel- Plant- Kitimat- Central Office

Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

Photo courtesy Alison Fredericks, daughter of Photographer La-Verne Fredericks

  • Duncan Campbell -
  • Reg Watson- Duncan and Reg were the Co men involved during the first call from Kemano Nov 4, 1967
  • Jim Thompson (ca 1980)

Don Ferguson- When Don retired, they never replaced him, and all the work was done from Terrace CO.

George Vik (left in Oct 1979)

Ian Ripley transferred to CO from CT&S in 1979.

Graham McGuire I believe was also in this department ca 1985

Pat Duncan (resigned in 1980) (later became test desk in Terrace)

It was and still is, situated in the building on the corner of Haisla Blvd and Kingfisher Ave.

It originally was a SxS and later changed to a RSU, to work from the GTD 5 in Terrace

Jim Inglis was District Foreman when Kemano got telephone service Nov 4, 1967 and when Kitimat got dial service Nov 30, 1968


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