BC Tel- Plant- CT&S

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Canadian Telephone and Supplies, CT&S,
was / is? a division of BC Tel / Telus.

They were the Installers of the Network Equipment, especially Radio, Toll, and Central Office Equipment.
At one point they were all headquartered out of Burnaby, but then some bean counter actually realized, they were spending a fortune on out of town expenses,
so then over the years some were headquartered in Terrace. Now the bean counters have moved them back to Burnaby. I don't know if there even is such a thing as CT&S anymore.

Some names from the past CT&S employees in Terrace District:

  • Croft Randal (moved to Campbell River, Retired, was a director of BCARTW)
  • Doug Freeman
  • Barry Winters (became an Ed Center Instructor)
  • Pat Hoskins
  • Randy Romer
  • Dave Penna (early 70's) (moved to Massett network) Deceased
  • Ray Demers (went into Trrc const)
  • Dave Ziegler (went into Trrc I&R, retired)
  • Ron Williams (became TWU Business Agent)
  • Bob Grant Left in this photo
  • Ian Ripley
  • Kevin Heffernan (Port Clements conv 1990)
  • Bob Jones (DMS10 Stewart)
  • Loris Giuseppi (DMS10 Stewart)
  • Barry Mackie
  • Ben Trainor
  • Dave Winterburn
  • Arnie Alberts
  • Dwayne Beminster
  • Jim Browne
  • Dave Cochrane
  • Don Gleason
  • Mel Klyne
  • Tom McGlinn
  • Stewart Magnusson
  • Brian Smith
  • Tom Bates
  • Bill Armstrong (became Satt man)
  • Gerry Stehle
  • Tom Wishlow (Became Satt man)
  • Gerry Parkhill
  • Don Moss
  • Doug Thomas
  • Al Lindstrom
  • Herb Hanson
  • Glen Dempster
  • Rick Howard
  • Terry Knight
  • Ron Opp
  • John Radford
  • Adrian Bortolin (heard from Adrian Dec 31, 2020)
  • Perrie Turner* (deceased)
  • Dwight Edwards

*Perrie Turner worked on the DMS10 cutover in Stewart in 1990
Perrie Turner died in a tragic snowmobile avalanche, on the East side of Copper Mountain, near Terrace.

Lots of stories about the CT&S crews First one is about Randy Romer and the rental car.
Everyone that goes to Massett, has to have a look at Rose Spit, the top NE end of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
A beautiful place and view for sure.
At low tide one can even take a vehicle, usually 4×4, out on the sand, and drive for miles.
but one must remember if the tide goes out, at some point it must come in.
Well Randy forgot about the last part it seems.
Before he was able to get the rental car unstuck on the beach, in came the tide, and out went thousands in dollars,
If I remember right it was a fairly new thunderbird.
Anyway the outcome was many court cases, and many grievances, and Randy I believe was allowed to remain as a BC Tel Employee.
Just not able to go to Massett anymore, and rent a car!

Another story I remember was Pat Hoskins, and Barry Winters, one day decided they were expert canoeists, and decided they would drive up the Copper River Valley logging road,
throw in their canoe, and come out at the Copper River Bridge. What they thought would be a thrilling ride, especially after driving right by the Copper Canyon rapids,
they soon learned they were not meant to try this. You guessed it, the canoe and the two of them were soon parted, and into the water they went.
Now this is cold glacier fed water, and most people do not go swimming in it.
One ended up on the other side of the river, from the road, and one scrambled up to the road. Both soaking wet, and very cold.
Miles from town, the one walked to their vehicle, drove to the airport, rented a helicopter, and went to rescue the other, on the river bank.
My memory slips who went where, but I do remember 2 guys, that didn't go canoeing for a few years after.
The little excursion, cost a few dollars, and very nearly their life.

In the years from 1970-75 or even later, they all stayed in the motel cabins on Highway 16 west. They were all on full expenses, and lived and partied hard.
Many parties were held at Norma and Croft Randal's home, as the years went by.

  • Clay Clark
  • Keith Olsen
  • Al Hyde
  • and probably more…


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