BC Tel- Plant- Terrace- PBX, BTE, Sp Services

North-West, British Columbia, Canada

Will add some details here one day

  • John Hall
  • Ron Strumecki* see radio section
  • Rob Todd
  • Glen Olver*
  • Sam Mansouri
  • Rick Mason
  • Patrick (Pat) Coulter * (see below)
  • Gordon (Gord) Hudson (retired in Creston BC)
  • Brian Allen (went on to become a salesman)
  • Pierre LeRoss *
  • Jim Rogers (resigned in 1980)
  • Larry Smith
  • Tom Coxon (left to facility dept in 1980)
  • Don Parr (prior to becoming radio supervisor) see radio section
  • Jack Greaves (prior to becoming supervisor)

*Pat Coulter was ex Stewart I&R, went on to become a Supervisor, he died of cancer.

Pat Coulter on right, Bob Grant, CT&S on left, and Larry Barker in the middle

*Pierre LeRoss worked as a Ship Radio Operator, before hiring on with BC Tel.
His hobby is making ships in a bottle, and they must be seen to be appreciated.
He also has an old Ford truck, that he has rebuilt.

*Glen Olver worked for Alberta Government Telephone Company before coming to BC Tel. Now Telus owns that company.

*Ron Strumecki was hired as a Radio man in Terrace, after taking the electronics course at the College in Terrace. He is now retired, lived in Armstrong BC area, now in Parksville BC area.

  • Jack Greaves (deceased)
  • Dave Carey (ca 1980 at least)
  • Bill May was the supervisor, when BTE was formed, based in PG,
  • Les Sinnott (deceased)

Jack Greaves once told me he was a professional wrestler in Winnipeg MB, before he became a telephone man.
This came up after a Hydro fellow showed up in town, that he used to wrestle. Now the Hydro guy was 6ft++ and about 400lbs.
Jack was 5ft+, and no where near 400lbs soaking wet.
They loved the mismatches in the early days of pro wrestling.
I remember drinking beer in the Lakelse Hotel at that time, and the Hydro boys would always join us in those days.
This fellow told me to take my belt off, I was about 32“ waist then, and he put it around his ONE thigh, and the ends did not meet!
He was a big guy, but I guess he was a cat on the climbing hooks. He was called a “boomer” I think?, working on the new transmission line thru the Telkwa valley at that time.
In those days challenges on climbing ability, were as common as the arm wrestling challenges in the pub.


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