Associated Aero Services

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Associated Aero Service
Same owners and same place as Associated Air Taxi

This was the Repair shop for the Company
They repaired their own planes here, as well as other airlines at the time.
Grant Walker tells me that he wonders about flying, from what he seen on some of the repairs made.
As a teenager he actually worked in this shop.
He has retold some of the stories and tales, and I hope they check a little more closely these days.

Associated Air Service Hangar Biplane, CF-CHW on the wing

Company sold to Russ Baker See my Francis Russell "Russ" Baker Bio

Associated Aero Services Hangar, ca 1952

Note- Nice side view of CF-CHW a de Haviland, DH82C, Tiger Moth
Production # DHC1162
Started life as RCAF # 5859 in Oct 23, 1941
Registered to West Kootenay Aero Club on Aug 20,1946, from 1963 to 1975 this plane was not registered.
Then I found reference online that shows this plane was registered to Pitt Meadows Heritage Aviation Society of Pitt Meadows BC, then to a a lady in Maple Ridge BC in 1995.
Last seen at Pitt Meadows.

Post card to Bud Walker, July 20, 1952
Associated Aero Service, Sea Island, Vancouver.
from “Associated Coolies”
Jan, Bruce, Len and Ole
Catalina Field, Patricia Bay, Van Island BC
These fellows were over at Pat Bay, removing parts for the Catalina Cansos.
Grant Walker would like to contact these men today as he spent time with them over there.

Associated dismantled the aircraft.
Grant isn't sure if they bought them, or had a contract to dismantle them.

1952, planes in for repair

“Caribou” logo on Seabee, on left side of photo

Per Grant “Associated did not have a license to build planes, but they could repair them.
so what they did was buy wrecks that had the manufacturers plate on them, and build a plane around it.”

From Grant Walker,
this group of great photos below, from his Dad's Collection,
“This would be the Service Part of Associated. The engine rebuild and electronics would be done in the rear, or to the left of the hanger.
All these shops were connected to the hanger.
The last three photo's are of planes in the hanger”

Engine Mechanical Repair Shop

Inside Electronics Shop

Door from Engine Repair Shop to the Electronic Shop
Window between the 2 rooms.

Repairing a float in the Metal shop
sign above door, Engine Mechanical Shop

Back part of CF-EJL shown, RC-3, Republic Seabee
made by Republic Aviation Corp.
S/N- 571
Mar 31, 1947, delivered to MacLeod Aircraft Ltd. Vancouver BC

There is another Seabee behind it, with a small circle inside a larger circle, Company Logo.
Westinghouse Airways is the name.

Cabin and tail of CF-GNV.
Floats being worked on behind it.

Twin Engine Plane on floats,
looks like damage behind pilot, on roof,
as well as some engine, and float work being done.

More Bud Walker pics below, showing the frame reconstruction.
Stretching fabric on wings, using dope/glue.
Grant Walker worked doing the dope work and was paid .35 cents / hr. at age 15
From his experience he now doesn't fly, since maybe there is a kid somewhere working on the plane he will be using!
Makes a good point!

Some of the workers in 1952

Unknown on float plane without engine

Waco with engine problem


Central Northern Airways, name on tail, 1952

Crashed into trees, damaged wings

Fuselage hauled by truck to Associated Aero Services.

The Wing repairs were not paid for, so it went to Public Auction

Auction sale for CF-AXE
G. W. Ross, auctioneer
According to list of owners, it was bought by Slim Knights.

Built Feb 8, 1936, s/n #40
Fairchild Aircraft Ltd, Longueuil, Quebec.
Only 12 of this specific model were built.
Grant Walker tells me it was terribly under powered.
His mother hated flying in it.
called a “boxcar” on some sites.

  • Canadian Airways Ltd, original owners, bought in 1936.
  • bought in 1938 by Arrow Airways Ltd., headquarters, The Pas, MB, (one record says it crashed in 1940 then sold to Arrow)
  • Canadian Airways Ltd
  • Canadian Pacific Airlines
  • Central Northern Airways, out of Winnipeg, (after WWII)
  • Associated Air Taxi (probably took ownership when bills not paid)
  • Uranium Corp of BC
  • Cascade AS (Cascade Airways?)

Aug 12, 1955, floats torn off after hitting something on Harrison Lake.

It had many accidents from an online search

more pictures,
not my sites,
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Wikipedia article, Specs

CF-AXE The photograph above was taken by Josephine Moore at Bearskin Lake, Ontario while the plane was being repaired at Bearskin Lake, Ontario, in the early 1930's.
Submitted Nov 5, 2013, by Tom Moore, Grand Bend, Ontario

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