Edgerton, Alberta

Edgerton, Alberta, Canada

Edgerton is a village in central Alberta, Canada.
Located 35 km/19 miles east of Wainwright AB.
233 km/145 miles East of Edmonton
29 km/18 miles from the Saskatchewan border

Located on the main line of the GTP which became the CNR.

Named in 1908
Incorporated Sept 11, 1917, when Edgerton became an official Village
Located in SW 1/4 Section 1, Township 44, Range 4, W4
Municipal District of Wainwright No 61

Coordinates: 52.75935°N 110.46345°W

Elevation- 650 m (2,130 ft) and 2,222 ft in another Government record?

First Overseer- Alfred W. Guy (see below)

First General Store- owned by Murdoch and Fraser
See PO history below for James Herbert Fraser.
His partner, Walter David Murdoch

Merchants Bank of Canada opened in 1910

First School House was built in 1910- Mr Exall was first teacher Miss Albright from Ontario, was 2nd in charge
1939 the new $7,000 3 room Public School was built to accomodate 100 students.

Please note- This site does NOT contain a complete list of every resident that ever lived in Edgerton. It is a few names that I tripped over in the newspapers looking for one thing or another. Please buy the history book from the Historical Society if you want a complete list.

Known Residents

Alfred W. Guy
b- July 10, 1866 (ca 1869- age 52 in 1921), (ca 1872- age 28 in 1901) in England
d- May 27, 1952 in Edmonton AB, age 87
buried in Edgerton Cemetery or Beechmount Cemetery, Edmonton per obit
First Overseer in the Village of Edgerton
moved to Edgerton in 1910 from Rapid City MB, left in 1941 to Edmonton
Immigrated in 1880 per 1921 census, 1882 per 1901 census
Liveryman in Strathcona West town in 1901
Liveryman in Edgerton in 1921
wife- Annie McKay Guy
b- 1867 in Quebec
d- June 27, 1942 in Edmonton AB, age 74
buried in Edmonton Cemetery
Her father born in England, mother born in Quebec
one daughter, 2 sons
Allen “Leonard” Guy
William “Ross” Guy
Grace Olive Guy, married W.W. Parker
All children born in ON

Walter David Murdoch (alt spelling- Murdock)
b-July 20, 1876 in Lucknow, Huron, ON
d- Apr 23, 1952 in Viking AB, age 76
Buried in Edgerton Cemetery
Merchant from 1909 to 1923 at Edgerton
Lived in Edmonton and Vancouver (1929) for a short time
Moved to Viking in 1932, ran a store until 1951 there
father- William Murdoch, b- in Scotland,
mother- Margaret Green, b- in Ireland
wife- Jennie Murdoch, nee ?
b- age 43 in 1921 in ON
d- ?
3 children:
John “Murray” Murdoch
b- May 19, 1904 in Lucknow, ON
d- May 17, 2001 in Pawley's Island, SC, USA, age 96
Raised in Edgerton Alberta
He was the oldest living Stanley Cup Champion, at the time of his death
Murray played Forward for New York Rangers ca 1925-1938
Known as the “Ironman of Hockey” at that time
In 1938, Murdoch was named the fourth head coach of Yale University and spent the next 27 years as the team's mentor

Margaret Jean Murdoch, b- ca 1910 in AB
Thomas Walter Murdoch, b- Dec 17, 1915 in Edgerton, AB

Donald “Don” Pawsey
b- ca 1886 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
d- May 19, 1959, age 73 in Edmonton, AB
Chairman of the School Board, Reeve of the Vale Municipality
He homesteaded at Edgerton in 1906
He retired to Wainwright ca 1939
Married, 3 sons, 3 daughters

Phillip “Sidney” Pawsey
b- Nov 25, 1886 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
d- Dec 28, 1950 in Chilliwack BC age 73
Buried in the Canadian Legion Section, Chilliwack Cemetery
served in WWI, Regimental Number: 231493, wounded Aug 1917
son of Arthur Pawsey, and Rose Perry
brother to Don above
married Frieda Burton Oct 20, 1909
b- ? Sussex England
d- June 28, 1966, in the General Hospital in Wainwright, age of 77 years.
She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burton who came to the Edgerton district in 1906 from Sussex, England

Mr and Mrs Ira Kimball
married at Teckemah Nebraska
Came to Edgerton May 1914
Moved from the farm to Edgerton in 1930
one son, one daughter

George Balderchak
b- ?
d- Feb 12, 1943, near Kwinitsa BC, age 44 of Edgerton AB (Edmonton in one report)
Died in Feb 12, 1943 Snow Slide near Kwinitsa

Al. B. Kluck
b- ca 1902, possibly at Ironwood Michigan
d- July 17, 1975 in Edmonton AB, age 73
Pharmacist here in 1928
6 brothers and 2 sisters
His sister Lillian “Lily” lived with him everywhere he lived.
son of John Kluck and Catherine Pratte
Kluck family moved to Alberta in 1909
see sister Valerie Kluck below

Peter Milne
b- Apr 24, 1863, Perthshire, Scotland
d- Apr 1927 at Vancouver BC

brother David Milne
b- Nov 10, 1860 in Perthshire Scotland
d- Dec 13, 1937 in Saanich BC, age 77
ca 1925 family moved to Victoria BC
married Elizabeth Janet Milne, nee Martin Sept 16, 1899 in Winnipeg MB
b- Mar 21, 1867 in Kirkmabreck, Kirkcudbright, Scotland
d- Feb 20, 1953 in St. Joseph Hospital, Victoria BC, age 85
daughter of James Grant Martin and Annie bilton Aitken

son of David and Elizabeth Peter Thomas Martin Milne
b- June 26, 1900 in Rapid City, MB
d- Aug 20, 1971 in Victoria BC age 71
Peter T. M. Milne married Valerie Kluck
b- ?
d- May 24, 1938 in her home at Edgerton AB
Al. Kluck above was her brother, she had 2 sisters and 7 brothers

Robert Arthur D. Leggett
b- reg bet Oct-Dec, 1898, in Wetherden, Suffolk, England
d- 1974 in Wainright AB
Blacksmith in 1928 in Edgerton, moved to Wainwright in 1935 operated Wainwright Machine Shop there
son of Arthur Leggett and Laura Maria Leggett, nee Durrant
married Elsie N. Connelly in 1924 in Wainwright AB
b- 1903
d- 1979

1911 Residents and Business

Population 100
Grain Capacity of the Elevators 35,000 bushels

  1. Anglican- Rev E. A. Butcher
  2. Presbyterian- Rev J. J. Gourley
  3. Methodist- Rev W. Sykes
  4. English Church- Rev A. E. Revell

C.W. Burton- JP
F.L. Byrnes- farmer
J. Challenger- Blacksmith
Thomas Dancy- Butcher
D.M. Davis- GTP Station Agent
William Doyle- Implements
The Fradoc Trading Co General Store
J.H. Fraser- Postmaster (see PO section below) W. Grieves- Restaurant
J.A. Halverston- Blacksmith
Price & Marrow- General Store
Milne Bros. Lumber Dealers
Murdoch & Fraser General Store
Peter Milne- Grain Dealer (Elevator operator)
George Otterholm, carpenter
Owen Pawsey
Sidney Pawsey
F.A. Rowe- Livery & Restaurant
H. Sover, Livery & Feed Stable
R. Stratton- Policeman
Stratton & Jackson General Store
C.E. Waite- Farmer
Clyde Walrath- carpenter
James Watson- Barber
Robert Watson

1914 Residents

J. Hewitt- GTPR Agent

1928 Residents and Business

Milne Bros Co. Lumber Dealers- founded in 1909 by Peter and David Milne, (see above) Western Pioneers of 1880,
In 1928, managed by Peter Thomas Martin Milne, (see above) son of David Milne, one of the founders

Harness Footwear Repairs- Pettit Bros. (Alfred Pettit- age 70 in 1953) and (Arthur Pettit- age 66 in 1953) both came to Canada in 1905
General Blacksmith, Farm Implements- R. Leggett (Robert A. D. Leggett see above )
Butcher and Grocer-E.W. Bonner, (Ernest William Bonner) founded in Spring of 1917
Edgerton Pharmacy- Al. B. Kluck Prop. (see above)
Edgerton Garage- H.E. Wheeler (Hollis E. Wheeler)- Chrysler cars
I.H.C. Agent, Imperial Oil Agent- A. E. Ripley (Albert Edward Ripley)
Billiard Hall and Barber- E.M. Gorton (Earl M. Gorton-1884- 1964)
Meat Market- D.W. Parcel's (Delbert W. Parcels) Ed Gehring was the Manager

1940 Residents and Business

6 Grain Elevators

Edgerton Garage- Geoff E. Miles Prop.
Edgerton Creamery- managed by L.C. Ecklund (Lawrence C. Ecklund)
Bank of Montreal- manager (1935-1940) F.W. Davis
Doctor- Dr. J.A. Aylesworth (Dr. John A. Aylesworth)
School- Principal- C.G. Welsh (Clarence G. Welsh)
Chairman of the School Board- A.E. Challenger (Alfred E. Challenger)
Secretary of the School Board- Reginald Kington
Fire Chief- Thomas Shaw
Edgerton Theatre- Owned by P.S. Pawsey (Phillip Sidney Pawsey)
Mayor- A. E. Ripley (Albert Edward Ripley) Implement Dealer in Edgerton
Councillors- Phillip Sidney Pawsey, James Straeger, Reginald Kington (Secretary Treasurer)
Govt Telephone Office- Manager Reginald Kington
CNR Agent- George Phillips
Hardware Store- H.A. Kelly (Harry A. Kelly) father- Alexander J. Kelly, mother- Martha Cowan
Laurie Hotel- A.W.L. Montgomery Prop. (Alexander “Happy” William Levi Montgomery, b- Jan 16, 1906/7?, d- Oct 14, 1959)
Miles Transport- Norman H. Miles Prop. and Manager
Edgerton Meat Market- Earl Hallett Prop.
Red and White Store- P.S. Pawsey (Phillip Sidney Pawsey)
Sawyer's Garage- George I. Sawyer owner

Edgerton Co-Operative Association Ltd. - T. Scott, Manager
Started in 1922

Nov 11, 1949 a Cenotaph was unveiled for the fallen soldiers in both World Wars.
Land was donated by George Innes Sawyer
b- Mar 12, 1904 in Peterborough Reg Dist, Northamptonshire, England
d- Dec 26, 1963 in Wainwright AB
buried in Edgerton Cemetery
George Sawyer ran the private power station for the village, operating 3 Lister Diesels with 70 town connections in 1940.
son of James and Annie Sawyer who immigrated from England in 1911
married Bessie Ellen Leggett in 1929 in Wainwright AB, b- 1907

The Red Ensign
The men fought under this flag

“We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie in Flanders Fields.”
— John McCrae

WWI 1914-1918

Library and Archives Canada Poster

H. Reed
Can't seem to find this fellow, and that really bothers me, that he may be lost to history
If anyone knows this fellows first name or family would appreciate an email to tell me, especially with Remembrance Day fast approaching

J. Doyle
Pte. James Henry Doyle
b- Sept 21, 1886 in Owen Sound ON
d- Sept 7, 1917, in France, died of paratyphoid sickness from being gassed
Reg #231516
mother- Charlotte Doyle, Edgerton AB

A.L. Fisher
Abraham Leslie Fisher
b- Aug 29, 1887 in Clinton, ON
d- Sept 2, 1918 died from his wounds, received in action
Reg #654537
father- Seth Fisher
mother- Mary Ann Fisher

C.G.A. Hurst
Cecil George Arthur Hurst
b- July 3, 1883 Kibworth, Leicestershire, England
d- Apr 8/10, 1917, Killed in action, in France
Reg #624596
mother- Susan Hurst

G. Jones
Pte. George Jones
b- Mar 23, 1887 Essex, England
d- Sep 28, 1918 Killed in action near Sailly, in France, age 30
Reg #3206604
father- William Jones, 22 Cooper Rd, London, England

A. Linforth
LT. Arthur Tipping Linforth
b- Apr 21, 1888 in Nottingham, England
d- Sept 16, 1916, Killed in action, France
Reg # 9-L-383
52nd Batt
father- James Henry Linforth, Gartymore, Leatherhead, Surrey, England
Mother- Mary Linforth, both in Westfield Lodge, Hyde, Isle of Wight, England, when medals issued
brother- Oliver James Linforth
sister- Edith Mary Rowe

B.H. Lacey
Bernard Heath Lacey
b- May 2, 1891 Norwich, Norfolk, England
d- Mar 4, 1916 washed overboard from foredeck on “Scandinavian” ship, in a gale at 5pm
Reg #511079
father- Horace Harry Lacey
mother- Annie Augusta Lacey, nee Heath, next of kin living at Edgerton, AB
Grandfather- Horace Lacey
Grandmother- Sarah Ann Lacey, nee White

A.H. Warrington
Arthur Henry Warrington
b- Oct 17, 1880, in Toronto ON
d- June 3, 1917, Killed in Action
Reg #811754
father- Frederick Warrington, Optician
mother- Charlotte Foster
wife- Mary Warrington, nee Boudrean, next of kin, living in Edgerton AB
b- Michigan USA

WWII 1939-1945

Library and Archives Canada Poster

G.T. Smith
This man has eluded my search so far, anyone knowing his full name please contact me

T.C. Anderson
Pvt. Thanning Carl Anderson
b- Apr 22, 1922 in Edgerton AB
d- Aug 8, 1944 age 22
Service Number M/105534
Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
father- Olof Anderson
b- abt 1890 in USA
Olof sown as a farmer in 1921
Thannings grandfather and grandmother born in Denmark
mother- Mildred Katharine Anderson, nee Morrow
b- Quebec
both parents shown living in Edgerton, Alberta
Family immigrated in 1911 from USA
siblings, Albert Leo Anderson, and Anna Francis Anderson, both born in Alberta

C.J. Challenger
Clifford James Challenger
b- Aug 13, 1921 in Edgerton AB
d- June 12,1943 Overseas
Cemetery: Runnymede Memorial
He was an Apprentice Projectionist
Pilot Officer- RCAF
Service Number: J18123
father- James Earnest Challenger
b- ON
mother- Edna Lavina Challenger, nee Hardy
b- ON

A.O. Egan
Pvt. William “Allan” O'Dowd Egan
b- Sept 6, 1904 British Guinea Demara Friendship Village
d- July 30, 1945 Arrondissement Eeklo, East Flanders (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium
Service Number: N66333
married Nettie M. Robenson in 1931
father- James O'Dowd Egan
mother- Sarah Mary Agnes Egan

G.I. Raymond
Gordon Ian Raymond
b- ?
d- Nov 11, 1943 Overseas
Svc #J/17872, Pilot Officer, RCAF
He had a fiance in England
brother of Lloyd below

L.K. Raymond
Lloyd Kenneth Raymond
b- May 22, 1923, New Liskeard, ON
d- Sept 23, 1943 Lost over Germany
Cemetery: Rheinberg War Cemetery
Service Number: R121029
Flt Sergeant RCAF
Father- Ralph Elmer Raymond, Mother- Barbara Louise Raymond, nee Grant
sisters- Eileen, Dorothy, Ramona, Hazel,
and brothers Gordon Ian Raymond (see above) Grant Raymond who also served overseas

R.J. Warrington
Pvt. Robert James Warrington
b- Apr 19, 1914 in Edgerton AB
d- May 23, 1944 in Italy, age 30
buried in Cassino War Cemetery, Italy
Service Number: M30908
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, R.C.I.C., he was with the Army in North Africa in 1943
married to Winnifred Nora Warrington
father- Arthur Henry Warrington
mother- Mary Elizabeth Warrington (nee Boudrean)

H.S. Warrington
Gunner Harry Stanley Warrington,
b- Nov 6, 1915 in Edgerton, AB
d- Dec 8, 1944 in Calgary AB age 29
Cemetery: EDMONTON (BEECHMOUNT) CEMETERY ; Alberta, Canada
Service Number: L/2439
Warrington boys were sons of Mary Lacey the former Mrs Warrington, wife of Arthur Henry Warrington (see above)

Names found in newspapers etc, Not on Cenotaph

Harry Lancaster Humphries
Pilot Flt Officer RCAF
b- ca 1913
d- Nov 6, 1942, killed on active duty, age 29
Service Number J/9527
Mother Mrs J. A. Humphries- Edgerton AB
In online war records it shows James and Margaret Humphries lived at Indian River ON, unless I have the wrong guy

Post Office History

Original Office Name: Edgerton Station
Electoral District: Battle River (Alberta)
Established Apr 15, 1908

Subsequent Name- Edgerton
Date of Change Dec 2, 1948

Located first in a Private Building on NW Sec 34, Twp 43, R4, W4M Moved Apr 22, 1948 to SW Sec 1, Twp 44, R4, W4M

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of
Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
James Herbert Fraser (see below) OAS Aug 16, 1882 Apr 15, 1908 July 25, 1912 Dismissal, Political Partisanship
Thomas Henry Backus (see below) x Oct 13, 1850 Sept 20, 1912 Sept 5, 1918 Resignation
Frank Frederick Mitchell (see below) OAS Sept 5, 1889 Nov 30, 1918 Apr 4, 1948 Resignation
William Skene OAS x Apr 23, 1948 Oct 5, 1971 Retired
Alfred E. Rudlinger x x Jan 6, 1972 x Resignation
Mrs. J.B. McBride x x Oct 29, 1973 Temporary x
Mrs. J.B. McBride x x Apr 1,1975 x x

Post Office Information Disclaimer: This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster

James Herbert Fraser
b- Aug 16, 1882 Grenville, Argenteuil, Quebec, Canada
d- Aug 15, 1938 Vancouver, BC, Canada
son of John Fraser and Mary Spratt
Homesteaded NW Sec 34, Twp 43, R4, W4M in 1907
1921 family in Peace River area.
married Katherine Baikie “Katie” Grieve in 1910
Enlisted in WWI Aug 22, 1916 in Edmonton, shown married occupation- Lumberman
wife shown as Catherine on enlistment form
son- John G. Fraser b-ca 1916 in AB
daughter- Joan B. Fraser, b-ca 1920, in AB

Note Mr. Walter David Murdoch is shown as the First Postmaster in one online AB Govt source, but not per official Canada Post records above.

2nd Postmaster
Thomas Henry Backus
b- Oct 13, 1850 in Bayham Tsp, Elgin Co., ON
d- Sept 4, 1934 in Bayham Tsp, Elgin Co., ON, age 33, shown as a retired farmer
buried in St. Lukes, Veinna
Shown in 1916 census as age 65 -postmaster in Edgerton
son of George H. Backus (alt- Backhouse), and Elizabeth Backus (alt- Backhouse), nee Haines
married Francis (Frances) E. Backus, nee Stratton, Sept 26, 1875 in Houghton, ON
b- in ON
She lived in Straffordville ON when Thomas died.

note- Canada Post Archives say first name starts with a J.?
When Thomas married his surname is shown as Backhouse
daughter- Alma E. Backhouse married Ernest Jackson. Note her surname and her father here is Backhouse as well.

3rd Postmaster
Frank Frederick Mitchell
b- Sept 5, 1890 (1889 in obit) Sliema, Island of Malta
d- Dec 16, 1972 in Chilliwack BC
Enlisted in WWI Jan 26, 1915, in Wainwright AB
Regimental Number: 436644
became postmaster in Chilliwack BC
moved there 27 years before he died
next of kin wife- Daisy A. Mitchell
2nd wife- Betty

I will not research the rest as they are entering privacy and living info areas

Village Named after:

Edgerton was named after a railroad worker, per Official history site link below, and per Edgerton History book
Alberta Place Names say it was named after H. H. Edgerton, GTP Railway Engineer
Another source says it was named after a Railroad official
In the history book it says it was named after a Railroad worker named Egerton, who added the d so it would be pronounced correctly?
That might be correct, but sounds a bit weird to me. The names were alphabetical on this line.
My 3 choices of the person who this village was named after

1. My wild guess it was named after a building contractor H. H. Edgerton
Hiram Haskell Edgerton
b- Apr 19, 1847 Belfast, Allegany, New York, USA
d- June 18, 1922 at his home on South Goodman Street, Rochester, Monroe, NY, age 75
Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY

He was a former 7 times Mayor of Rochester NY
A former Building Contractor, who built many huge Railroad buildings in the Rochester area.

His Great-Great Grandfather Captain Simeon Edgerton (b-1732 Norwich CT-d-1809 Pawlet VT)
Who commanded a company of CT troops and served at the defense of Fort Griswold.

married Medora Lydia Dewitt
Father: Ralph Haskell Edgerton
Mother: Octavia Cordelia Penhollow
Children: Edna and Bertha

Grand Trunk had lots of Rochester NY contacts and this fellow being Mayor would have met them all.

2. another one who really was a railroad engineer
This very well could be the right guy

Henry Helfenstein Edgerton (Jr)
b- Mar 15, 1869, Trevorton, PA, USA
d- Feb 27, 1954 Ramsey
1930- Steam Railroad, Civil Engineer, family living in St. Paul, Ramsay, MN, USA
with Chicago & Great Western RR for 37 yrs

father- Henry Helfenstein Edgerton (Sr) born in Ohio USA,
mother- Juniata Patton in PA, USA
daughter of Benjamin and Matilda (Helfenstein) Patton

Henry married Frances Garrita Edgerton, nee Rundlett Jan 15, 1913, St. Paul, Ramsay, MN
b- age 42 in 1930, in Minnesota, USA
father born in Maine USA, Mother born in Connecticutt, USA

daughter- Garrita E. Edgerton, age 13 in 1930, b in MN

3. Another one?
Oct 8, 1912 Henry Edgerton age 24, died in Edmonton, and his body was being returned to Edgerton, (this Edgerton?)
Could be why I can't find him if he died real young.

4. Mr Egerton
no known info found

Note these are not my sites, the links may or may not work in the future

Official Village web page- https://www.edgerton.ca/

First History Book available to view online

New History book available soon, contact these guys
Historical Society


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